• For students who are identified as having autism or a pervasive developmental delay, the ARD Committee must consider the need for in-home training and parent training.  The provision of in-home training and parent training, however, is not dependent on disability, but on the individual needs of the child.  In-home and parent training are intended to assist a child who has demonstrated mastery of certain skills within the school environment to generalize those same skills to the home or community environment.  The areas that in-home training and parent training cover are behavior, communication, socialization and self-help skills. 

    In the Southeast Texas Cooperative for Special Services, eligibility for in-home and parent training is based on an evaluation conducted by a professional experienced in working with children with autism and who has had training in in-home and parent training.  Individuals who conduct in-home and parent training are professionals who have had training in the area of autism and in-home training.  Parent training may be done individually within the home and community environment, or it may be through parent trainings that are offered throughout the school year by the Southeast Texas Cooperative for Special Services.  Information from parents regarding training topics is sought annually and the training schedule developed accordingly.