• Student Enrollment
    • If you are a family that is new to Liberty ISD, please follow the directions labeled "For NEW Families" below.

    • If you are a family with children who attended Liberty ISD in the past, please follow the directions labeled "For EXISTING Families" below.

    For NEW Families
    Online registration is based on FAMILIES, not STUDENTS
    New student online enrollment is for families of students who have never had a student enrolled at LISD.
    Please bring the following documents, for each of your students, to a campus that one of your students will be attending.  You can enroll all of your students at one campus, at the same time. 
    1. Proof of residency
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. Social security card
    4. Shot Record
    5. If you have any records from your previous school it is helpful.
    • San Jacinto Elementary @ 1629 Grand Ave, 936-336-3161
    • Liberty Elementary School  @ 1002 Bowie St., 936-336-3603
    • Liberty Middle School  @  2515 Jefferson Dr., 936-336-3582
    • Liberty High School  @  2615 Jefferson Dr., 936-336-6483

    For EXISTING Families
    Families who have had students enrolled at LISD previously will register their students in Family Access. You will be able to enter your new students also.

    (Important Note: Only the Skyward Family Access PRIMARY guardian is able to register students)
    Please note that, if you do not live within the boundary of Liberty ISD, we must have a current TRANSFER FORM approved by the superintendent on file to process your registration. 
    If you are the primary guardian Please click HERE to begin the enrollment process for students of existing families.